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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Body-Life Connection Book

37 pages21 minutes


Explore the Mysterious Link Between Your Life and Your Body 15 Fascinating Things That Demonstrate the Connection Between Your Life-Issues and Body Pain or Illness There is a relationship between your life-issues and physical pain in or injury to different body parts. If, for example, you are experiencing pain in your lower back, you may also be undergoing money problems. Pain in your shoulders may be a reflection of stress in the way you carry your burdens.

This Itty Bitty® book is filled with information and affirmations that address the problems associated with body pain and life issues. The difficulties can be approached from the body parts themselves or by visiting and pulling a body part card by selecting the Card Reading Tab. Discover the issue and get your affirmation for the day. Body Part Issues include: Elbows involve establishing boundaries. Pelvis is about creativity. Your Buttocks is your seat of power. If finding out about the Body-Life issues interests you pick up a copy of this remarkable little book today.

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