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The Butterfly Principle

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Marie can’t stop crying. Just a while ago, both her parents lost their lives in a car crash. Marie feels completely abandoned, left with her anxieties, her worries, her questions and her grief. The only adult who might be able to help her, Uncle Nico, is himself inconsolable and hasn’t got anything to offer. But then, one evening, something strange happens. Marie gets help from an unexpected quarter, and begins to see a glimmer of hope.
André Hötzer, born 1964 and the father of three children, took an interest in the subject of death even as a child. Why are we afraid of it, what does it do to the bereaved, and is there life after death? What kind of strategies can help surviving relatives to get over their sorrow?
With feeling and sensitivity, he tells how even after a severe loss like the death of a loved one it may be possible to draw on positive strength. The book can be a valuable aid, making it easier to talk to children about their grief. It is a touching book – and not just for children.

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