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The Last Siren

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They say I’m a disposable hero, bitter and well on my way to a path of self-destruction. But when my mentor, an eccentric admiral, sends me on a fool’s errand, I remain pessimistic, unable to believe that a mystical winged-nymph, a siren, has crashed into a navy ship. That just fucking impossible. Until I see her with my own eyes. She’s a ravishing beauty that bewitches me within moments of our meeting.

When the news about the siren leaks to the media, the situation escalates into a full-blown manhunt, the Cercius government sending their finest headhunters to terminate the magical creature. By then I’ve found my purpose in life again and refuse to let anyone get between me and the woman I’ve fallen in love with.

Maybe I don’t know that she carries a dangerous secret as well, one that could threaten the existence of one and all. The secret that has made her the last of her kind. Well, do I care? I don’t f*cking think so…

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