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Every-Day Religion

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How are we to live out our Christian lives every day? This book isn’t about everyday (ordinary) religion, but about a living faith that changes our lives day by day. Hannah Whitall Smith had to live her life based on her trust in Scripture and the promises of God. In 1875, after the loss of three children, and her husband suffering a mental breakdown after being accused of infidelity, she was able to write The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, in which she showed that it is possible to find peace with the Lord, no matter what life throws at us, through trusting in His promises.
Then, In 1894, after the death of yet another child, with her three surviving children professing atheism, and her husband losing his faith, Hannah’s trust in the Lord Jesus is still so strong that she is able to write in her introduction to this Scripture-based Every-Day Religion, that the purpose of the book is, "To bring out, as far as possible, the common-sense teaching of the Bible in regard to every-day religion. ... How to have inward peace in the midst of outward turmoil."

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