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Ashley Hayes Mysteries: Book 1, 2 & 3

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Desecration 1
The life of a college professor of anthropology in a northwest Louisiana college was a breeze for Dr. Ashley “Ash” Hayes. Her most troublesome challenge is an emotional battle fought among those who want to study Native American artifacts, those who want to protect them, and those who want to desecrate ancient burial sites to steal them.
That life is brutally interrupted when police detective “Bummer” LaSalle drags her into the investigation of a sadistic serial killer because he needs someone who can “think Indian.”
When the sun goes down and the world goes dark can Ash, armed only with her two hands and keen mind, survive the inevitable assault of a mad man?

Heresy 2
Dr. Ashley "Ash" Hayes is driven to prove that America was explored by Europeans well before Columbus - a quest that is heresy to the members of her northwest Louisiana academic community. Her quest is interrupted by the disappearance of a friend who has headed into the hills and swamps in search of Native American treasure. She drops everything to help find her friend and is aided by the missing man's brother, a tall and handsome transplanted Apache. The search is complicated by a series of grisly murders which are connected to the brother's disappearance. They find the brother, the killer and someone far more deadly. They also find romance, the treasure and a profound mystery. But will Ash survive to tell the story?

Vengeance 3
Dr. Ashley “Ash” Hayes, professor of archaeology at a prestigious Louisiana college, is in danger of losing her job because of her controversial and outspoken beliefs about the history of man in North America. Unexpected and barely-welcome help comes from a moral enemy, a former state senator who years earlier was forced to resign due to Ashley uncovering his illegal dealing in Native American artifacts. He wants to make amends by using his still-considerable influence if she will use her skills to help him locate a fortune in lost Confederate arms. For the same reasons, Deputy Sheriff Tate Dawson enlists her aid in tracking a crazed serial killer who is seeking another historical treasure – the lost fortune of gunman Cullen Montgomery Baker. As matters deteriorate, Ashley’s career rests on her locating a bizarre letter penned by President Abraham Lincoln which is being sought by an old and mysterious organization known as The Brothers of the Law. The questors, the mysteries and the killer intersect in a violent confrontation at a lakeside mansion. Will Ashley lose her job or will she lose more than that – her life?

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