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A Sense of Discovery (A Psychological Suspense Novel)

298 pages4 hours


It only takes one phone call for Garry’s life to change forever. A desperate old lady, his mother has a heart attack and is lying in her bungalow, close to death. Garry rushes over in a panic, only to find her unconscious on the carpet. She is taken to the hospital, and he sits by her bedside, praying for her to survive. Just before she dies, she wakes and reveals a secret that shocks Garry to the core. To learn of his adoption now and to witness her passing is too much to bear.
He is so mortified, he can’t tell his family, but the revelation eats away at him, and he must find out if his mother’s last words are true. After confiding in his wife, they try to unravel the mystery together. Their search is never easy and when obstacles are put in their way, they realise someone is out to stop them whatever the cost. Who are these people? What are they hiding? And if his determination to learn the truth puts him and his family in grave danger, will he still continue looking for his real parents?

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