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The Fence Line

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Ryan is fifteen, homeless, sitting on a rock contemplating suicide when Martin stops and takes him to the Marshall ranch where his Aunt Flo and Uncle John provide a home, consistency, and support as Ryan struggles to find his place in the world. Battling bigotry, bullies, and testosterone, he is aided in life's struggles by Martin who becomes a surrogate brother, Michele (Mike), his first love, Toni, a professed lesbian, and Henry, his Sioux Indian brother. Being a teenager is not easy especially when there is a small group in the rural Nebraska community where he lives that is lead by a local minister who makes life difficult because he believes Ryan is gay and doesn't like his race. Adding to his problems is Bardley Sorensen, the town bully. Overcoming the challenges, life seems to be leveling out and looking brighter until Sorensen is found murdered. In this surprise who-dun-it, clues are woven throughout the story as the list of suspects grows to leave the reader playing the role of Charlie Chan to figure out who the murderer is and what happens to each of the friends.

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