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Having just discovered a lurid secret about his fiancé—on their wedding day nonetheless—Jackson Fabacher quickly flees the cathedral, but not before causing quite a stir during the ceremony. Heartbroken, but also embarrassed by his actions, he jumps in his car and starts driving west, creating as much distance between himself and the city of New Orleans as possible. He eventually finds himself residing in a Las Vegas casino, where he spends his time avoiding phone calls from family, overcoming the sense of loss and grief from breaking up with his fiancé, and escaping reality. To combat the crippling fear he experiences when he is alone, Jackson finds temporary comfort in the arms of various women. Once he is convinced that he will never return to the only city he had ever lived, the death of a loved one forces him back home. It doesn’t take long for Jackson to suspect that the death may be linked to his actions at the wedding.

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