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Are You Listening to Me?: A Detective Toby Mystery

317 pages4 hours


Camden Gale and his sister, Emma, have had a tough life. Camden has become paranoid/delusional about everything and everyone around him, and he and Emma are always moving. When things begin to heat up for Camden on the West Coast, he takes a job at a new gym in the small city of Brantford, Ontario.

However, Camden, who is hoping for a fresh start, is losing complete control of his emotions. Does Camden stand a chance of keeping his dark deeds a secret when he and Emma move next door to a retired police officer and an overzealous orange tabby cat by the name of Toby? - Detective Toby! Toby has a feline sense for soving crimes, and the moment he meets Camden, he smells trouble!

Are You Listening to me? is a murder mystery with a comedic, feline twist!

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