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The Casebook of Elisha Grey VIII

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The Casebook of Elisha Grey VIII chronicles the work of Elisha Grey, scholar and consulting detective in Atlantis, as recorded by his former partner, an architect and healer in Atlantis as well as mother to his three daughters, Kiara Ptolmai. The three novelettes are: "Elisha Grey and the Silent Boy"; "The Minerva House Murders"; and "The Disappearance of Sequoyah and the Passing of the Trident". The book follows the previous books in the Casebook of Elisha Grey series.

Elisha Grey, scholar in numerous subjects & consulting detective in Atlantis during its Second Era, together with his flatmate Kiara Ptolmai -- daughter of Menos Ptolmai, Atlantean Ambassador to Chungkuo, investigate three crimes. In "Elisha Grey and the Silent Boy" Elisha Grey returns to Atlantis after a long absence, and is asked to look into a murder case where the only witness -- an earwitness -- is a teenage boy who refuses to speak. Due to his intellectual brilliance, Elisha asks Kiara help him adopt the boy. "The Minerva House Murders” are brought to Kiara's attention as she is the lead architect on the project whose workmen are being murdered one by one as they travel home. Elisha and Kiara's questioning lead to the personal history of her employer and uncover an unusual motive. In "The Disappearace of Sequoyah and the Passing of the Trident", after Kamay leaves Atlantis for a few months with the extraterrestrial Metalons to learn more about his illness before Kiara bears his son, she and Elisha discover that Sequoyah has seemingly vanished. Their investigations take them into his late childhood and involve his partner Beatrix in collecting information about his newsstand.

Isabeau Vollhardt received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English Composition from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, in 1980, where she studied Novel Writing with Charles Johnson, and the Philosophy of Science Fiction with Michelle Beer. A longtime reader of Victorian era authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, she was writing The Casebook of Elisha Grey in part as an homage to Doyle and in part as a result of her readings of esoteric works on Atlantis, when she began studies at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in 1991. Graduating with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and receiving licensure to practice acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, she then went on to receive training in Reiki, reaching level IV (Seichem) Reiki training. Energy work and intuitive work in a variety of realms have been part of her personal and professional life since 1985 and encompasses study of Kuang Ping style taijiquan, shuilong qi gong, feng shui, clairvoyancy, Western Astrology, Native American journeywork, and Iai-Batto-Ho. She currently lives in Ashland, Oregon, where she has been in private practice since 1997, and continues to write. She has had several articles published in print and on line regarding feng shui and acupuncture, and her short story "Farewell at a Graveside" was published by Innisfree Magazine, a literary journal, in 1990

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