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The Rising Dawn

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"The years have been unkind," he wrote, "inflicting scars physical, mental, and emotional. What would one expect after being deemed less than human, and treated as such? As the rich treat peasants the same as the ground upon which they tread, so have the societal element considered to be of import treated me and mine.

"I know they will call me their ultimate enemy. After all, many of my followers view them the same way. I will not begin with the start of the war, as that had begun as time came into existence. Differences were always considered to be a fitful reason to take the life of another, just as jealousy and greed were enough to supplement the base reason. Instead I will begin with the event that caused life to shift. Though it will be filled with confusion, it will make sense as I continue. This is what is demanded of me before I go to face my fate: death or life."

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