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Falmung: and the Gem of Darkness: CHRONICLES OF ISGRAMORT, #1

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In a forgotten tavern of the Isgramort peninsula, a troubadour sets out to tell, for the first time, the true story of Falmung. The real story that very few people know and that more than a thousand years ago, was diluted after the rumors, myths, stories and fables that little by little turned the tenacity of the dwarf into legend. Falmung, the almsmen, warrior, adventurer, hero, and murderer. At last the truth about his life and adventures will be revealed. And for this, we must start from the beginning, when he met his great friend Kroyed and the years that spent as living adventurers. Fleeting years, where a special work, led them along the path that made them the legendary characters we know today. Falmung's true story never told, begins here…

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