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Pack Rats of The Inside (Weird Erotic Novel)

236 pages3 hours


Journey into a dark and surreal world where men and women take on the form of rats. Welcome to The Inside, a terrible place where monsters do as they please to the denizens of the realm. No sexual fetish is out of the question. No one escapes. Everyone eventually will succumb.

Only one pack rat named Kinder seems to have the will to fight through the perils of the The Inside. Will he find a way out? Or will he ultimately become the sexual toy of one of the many creatures?

Pack Rats of The Inside is a very dark and lewd erotica by Buddy Tippet. It walks along and even sometimes crosses the line. The monsters of The Inside are capable of many strange powers. They can even transform the pack rats into strange shapes and use them accordingly. There is nowhere to hide. There is nowhere safe within The Inside.

A fair warning: The reading of this book may lead to madness. Enter into The Inside at your own peril!

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