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Love's Consequence - Book One (of Five) "Dragonspawn Saga"

143 pages1 hour


Castles, magic and sorcery abound in this fantasy tale of a young woman, Eryka Danek, as she sets out on a journey in search of her destiny.

She finds herself alone when a strange storm erupts, destroying her village and killing all its inhabitants, including her parents.

The dark lord, Alazais Moorlange, upon hearing in his mind the reciting of a sacred rune ritual, conjures a vision and sees his next conquest.

Summoning his ageless, shape-shifting abilities, the old wizard is transformed into a young mage; his intent, to deceive and capture his newest victim.

Eryka unwittingly falls under the enchanter’s spell, but it is not strong enough to thwart an intervention by a vengeful ghost.

Will Alazais' powers rule, enabling him to keep this innocent? Or will his nemesis, Hendrik Naguum, save Eryka from suffering the same fate as the vile wizard's wife.

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