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Until Tomorrow

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Two o’clock the bars are closing and mom should be home from the nightclub just around the corner from where are one bedroom upstairs apartment is located, sometimes she comes home alone but most times not she’d arrive with the accompaniment of a newly found man friend and she’d met at the club only tonight.
It is two twenty two when I hear the front door slam, from my bedroom I can hear the sound of my mother as well as a man’s voice another someone she’d most likely met at the nightclub and chosen to bring home.
The sheet-rock walls though finished and sort of attractive were quite thin in their composition and with no installation within the interior walls they were far from soundproof, fact is where you interested and choose to do so you could put your ear to the wall and hear what was going on in the adjacent neighbors apartment.
From the sound of my mother’s voice she is extremely inebriated which is not unusual given that this is a Friday night and she doesn’t have to work at the factory in the morning, from the sound of a man’s voice from what I could hear he sounds pretty inebriated as well though he sounds to be polite and courteous.

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