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Sands of a Millennium - Book Four (of Five) "Dragonspawn Saga"

229 pages3 hours


A thousand years in the past, Chelsey and Damien have freed Giselle and Gaddeon from Moorlange’s evil curse.

It is soon discovered that their journey is not over and that they, along with the reunited lovers,
must face the vile wizard one last time, together, to put an end to his malevolence.

The strain of the confrontation takes its toll, especially on Giselle; months pass and a new dragonchild is born.

In the present, Neva, Quinn and Malcolm await the travelers return, amidst their own growing fears and the threat of catastrophic war. Will Chelsey and Damien safely return from their ten-month journey?

What will they find when they return? Is the malevolence truly vanquished? And what of the dragons?

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