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A Dire Onus

780 pages12 hours


Despite not knowing what happened to Brogan, Rucker and his three friends, Eli, Selwyn, and Arabelle, must flee Rynwyde as quickly as possible.

After rescuing a beautiful young woman, named Shartha, from a brutal beating, Rucker unexpectedly kills a dozen deadly sellswords by tapping into powerful elemental magic. But his unplanned act of bravery has consequences — as heroic acts often do.

As a result, Rucker’s party is forced to seek a safe route by which to escape Rynwyde. While doing so, they must avoid The Raven’s Wing, whose cruelly depraved members doggedly hunt them with the sole purpose of killing ― not capturing ― them.

Together, they must find a cunning way to beat the odds stacked against them; odds that grow worse by the hour.

Rucker is determined to complete Brogan’s secret mission. That means he and his companions must survive long enough to deliver Wolfanger’s Hammer ― the long-lost icon of leadership ― to the Thorn Dwarves on Blackpool Island.

Upon swearing an oath to complete the mission, and with Shartha as a new member of their small fellowship, they continue their journey southward, undaunted by what seems an endless number of deadly obstacles.

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