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Cozy Witch Mysteries: Cozy Witch Mysteries, #4

434 pages7 hours


Murder has tainted the cozy town of Not-So-Normal. Between oddities, chaos, and confusion, Katy Wallace can’t help looking for answers. Too bad her magic is rusty. Without the help of witchcraft, she’ll have a spell of a time finding answers.  Magic is only good when you know how to use it, and in her forties, Katy’s been out of school for way too long.

In a trio of fun stories, Katy teams up with her best friend, her crazy cat, and a cookie-jar spirit to unravel the truth. Her husband isn’t thrilled with her digging into things, but Katy can’t seem to help herself. Cozy Witch Mysteries is perfect for fun, light reading. It’s family-friendly with no gore or foul language.

Note: previously titled The Soup and Sand-Witch Cozy Mystery Series

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