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Defeating Terrorism

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Have you been a victim of terrorist attacks? Have you lost a friend or a loved one in a terrorist attack? Or have you witnessed a terrorist attack scene before? What came into your mind when it occurred? And how did you feel? Can you measure the intense trauma you went through? Have you been asking yourself lately what can I do to help the authorities to ensure that what happened to you does not happen again? Have you asked what you can do to stop the spread of terrorism and the sudden terrorist attacks within your community?

Do you feel as though something needs to be done to protect not only your loved ones but your neighbours as well and that the police, and the intelligence services cannot do it alone? Maybe you have only just begun to feel the enemies we live with (terrorist or would be a terrorist) are taking away our freedom and livelihood within our countries and you are telling yourself that we cannot live any more within our own countries, with fear like an illegal criminal immigrant. Perhaps you have decided to put your own enjoyment aside for some time and selflessly dedicate yourself to fight the spread of terrorism within your community to protect your neighbourhood.

Benefit of this book

This book would show you how to identify a would-be terrorist and teaches you what you can do to limit their operations or to stop the growth of terrorist cells within your community. Again, this book would let you know that although the intelligence officials, and the police play a bigger role in fighting terrorism, it cannot be done by them alone as it would take some level of involvement from every concerned citizen cooperating with them to successfully overcome this current wave of terrorism. It would also open your eyes to identify, assess and analyse suspicious groups and events within your community like an intelligent agent or police officer and show you the necessary steps to follow to inform authorities about your discovery for relevant actions to be taking before it would be too late.

Furthermore, this book would guide and show you how to successfully break into terrorist networking groups or cells within your community without being identified as an insider with the aim of getting information about potential attacks for the relevant authorities to take possible action to safeguard the public. It would remind you that as a citizen, you have a duty and a responsibility of care to protect and safeguard your community, not only the police, the intelligence commission and the neighbourhood watch team.

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