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Hearts Don't Break

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All Avery wants is her daughter and a life away from her abusive ex-husband. So when her sister stole her ex's truck to get her daughter back she didn't know what to expect when they went to the garage, the one her sister stole the truck from, but it wasn't meeting Linc. This man is sex on a stick, why would he want anything to do with her? He could have any woman he wants, so why pick someone like her and all her baggage? This has to be some kind of game for him, well its a game she's not going to play.

When Linc sees Avery all he want to do is claim her and her daughter for his own, so that's what he sets out to do. She wants him, but she's already been hurt by a man and is scared about getting involved in a relationship again. She's doing her best to push him away and he's going to show her he's not going anywhere.

This man is saying and doing all the right things but her ex did to at first. She wants to believe everything he says but she's been hurt before.

He knocks down every wall she puts up and will continue to until she realizes he wont break her heart. He'll do whatever it takes to make this little family his own.

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