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NEW Revelations about Dr. Maurice Bucaille: Author of The Bible, the Quran, and Science

35 pages


In this book, I reveal previously unpublished fact(s) about Dr. Maurice Bucaille to include: birth and martial records, death and burial records, images of his gravestone with a link to the actual site, close family members with their various family tree(s), and much much more.
Dr. Maurice Bucaille was a prominent French physician/surgeon, amateur Egyptologist, and renowned author who became widely known for his best selling books and for his research related to science and religion particularly the religion of Islam.
After the publication of his first book "The Bible, the Quran, and Science" a movement related to this area of study was born - "Bucailleism". This book is a must read for those who seek to know more about this highly accomplished and influential person.

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