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The Boomer's Guide to Avoiding Scams and Frauds: The Boomer's Guide Series, #1

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“They sounded so convincing. Why would they lie to me like that?”

Millions of Baby Boomers around the world fall victim to scams and frauds every year. Why are the scammers so successful in deceiving them? How can you know their methods of deception so you don’t become a victim of their scam?

In The Boomer’s Guide to Avoiding Scams and Frauds, you will discover the tactics used by these criminals whether it is through your phone, mail, email, internet video ads, face-to-face or any other means.

After becoming a victim of several scams and frauds, author Anthony Young decided to research the psychology of scammers, their lack of conscience, their callous greed and their clever, deceptive methods to rob people of their money. In fact, these methods of deception and financial theft have been going on for thousands of years.

After reading The Boomer’s Guide to Avoiding Scams and Frauds, you will be able to instantly spot a scam or fraudulent scheme, product or service and save your money.

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