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Blazing Bullets in Deadwood Gulch: Honey Beaulieu - Man Hunter, #3

Length: 233 pages3 hours


Honey Beaulieu, the heroine you always wanted to be!

Wanted: Sean Chaney aka The Badger Claw Kid, $400, Last seen in Deadwood Gulch

She's Flummoxed 

But first, she has to take care of a town urchin who shot her in the butt with a slingshot!  Does she have to spend her last nickel to buy a building for Emma’s sewing shop?  Who stole Louie Lewie’s nuts?

She’s Fired Up

Nothing gets Honey down--not pesky ghosts, not the despicable Badger Claw Kid, not Al Swearengen and his hired muscle, and not even a catastrophic town fire.  But can she capture Boyce McNitt, who eluded her in her last adventure?  And can she get Sam’s folks to safety?

She's Fearless

When Sean Chaney persists on robbing folks and putting his badger claw marks on them besides, she sets out to bring him in... and collect the bounty

Deadwood Gulch is in flames but Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Lancaster’s hotter!
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