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The Manual of Enumeration: The Ultimate Guide

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Definition 1. The Enumeration is the collection of sciences of human analysis by which we analyze the purposes and direction of the life of the Soul on this earth plane.

  Definition 2. The principal sciences of the Enumeration are Numerology, Astrology, Graphology, Psychology and Cosmology.

  Definition 3. Numerology gives an indication of about twenty-five per cent of the influences in life; Astrology indicates about fifteen per cent of those influences; Graphology indicates about fifteen per cent. The rest of the influences of life may then be calculated by the study of Psychology, Cosmology, heredity, environment, education, etc.

  Definition 4. In the study of Numerology we find there are seven principal numbers that indicate what influences prevail in your life. In the order of their importance to you these are: THE SOUL PATH NUMBER, THE PERSONALITY NUMBER, THE THREE PREDOMINANT NAME NUMBERS, THE DESTINY NUMBER, and the PUBLIC APPEARANCE NUMBER.

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