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The Holy Scripture New Testament: Book Four: The Revelation Of The Christ

The Holy Scripture New Testament: Book Four: The Revelation Of The Christ

The Holy Scripture New Testament: Book Four: The Revelation Of The Christ

76 pages
1 hour
Feb 20, 2015


World Domain is very pleased to present this most excellent THE HOLY SCRIPTURE NEW TESTAMENT Book Four - THE REVELATION OF THE CHRIST to you as well as other non-fiction Christian books to help bring Life to its fullest. Which was the dream of Jesus for every person who ever lived on Earth.

He came and died so that we could live the rich lives He always intended for us for us. I am living mine as I present this book to you now in the KJV, formatted for easy reading.

This is the last book of THE HOLY SCRIPTURE NEW TESTAMENT BOOKS Series, a special Edition in a much needed easy to read format with a help-finding index at the end... And a beautiful poem added to give you an uplifting moment as you read God's beautiful Book on Life Itself....

Feb 20, 2015

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The Holy Scripture New Testament - Allison Casi


Book Four

The Revelation Of The Christ

© Copyright Allison Casi/World Domain 2015


All Rights Reserved on all the material inside this book except for the initial King James Version contents that are of the Bible. If called by God and needed to quote scripture, of course permission is granted.

Copyright Registration Number:


Printed in the United States of America and published by WORLD DOMAIN.

Poetry Written by Sciantel

The Holy Scripture New Testament Bible with help-finding index is written in the King James Version. Formatted for better reading comfort.


I am so honored to have been chosen to make and distribute the most precious book in existence!

Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity to serve You in this manner of the Ministry You have set before me. Thank You for trusting me with Your grand Book. I know and revere the true Author. It shall always be adored with admiration in my heart...

World Domain's Founder – CASI


From: (CASI)

Christ's Assistant Serving Immediately

I wanted to tell you the story of how I came about and given the authority by the Lord to reproduce the New Testament for Him.

It all started on any regular day. I was ready with the tools the Lord had graciously given me to start production of some books to be published. I had the means to make real nice, attractive books and so I thought, 'Well why not make it available to anyone who has a book written. I'll place some flyers around to see if anyone will pay me to type and bind their book for them'.

So I did just that. I left my address on flyers and placed them into phone booths. (This was when we still had phone booths around town. By now they have all been removed.)

But I only had the flyers out for not more than a day when the Lord approached me. He does. He comes to me in a constant state of awareness, of Him. I am always aware He is here with me.

He told me it was not safe to do what I was doing. That He didn't want people knowing my address.

And He told me He had someone who would like to hire me to do a book for them.

But then He revealed to me it was actually Him who wanted to hire me.

He asked me, Would you like to make the New Testament Bible for me?

I was shocked and amazed He would even ask me to do such a thing? I said yes, of course!

So now I had to begin to find the right New Testament Bible (Version) to reproduce.

I started out using the Gideons format. But it was not what the Lord wanted.

I came across a nice, beautiful, Catholic Bible in a used book store. So I bought it.

I liked how it was formatted. I was going to do something similar. It cost me over $9 bucks but I was happy to pay for this wonderful cause.

I got home.


I had to toss it into the trash. See, at this point in my life it was not revealed to me all about the Catholic Church and that God was going to use me in the future against this church who is big in idolatry worship.

So I asked Him, Well, what Bible then?

He now led me over to my mom's Bible, of all things.

See, I had never asked Him what Bible He wanted. I just assumed He'd leave that to me.

My mom's Bible was nothing fancy. It was in the NKJV. That was the version Jesus wanted me to use. So I began to work on its pages.

For several years that's all I gave away was this version Bible. But the day came when I found a way to contact Thomas Nelson and told them how the Lord put it upon my heart to publish the Bible using their NKJV but they would NOT give me their permission. I then found I could publish the KJV since it came out in 1769. Anyone can create a Bible using the old KJV. So now I am bound and determined more than ever to get this precious book out and none can prevent this!

The first NT Bible I published for the Lord was a printed version.

Now, 8 years later and many Bibles given away, He wants me to recreate it in a digital format.

The Lord gave me a dedication. I did not ask Him for this and with much difficulty, for I have argued from day one to Him about it, but He gave me these words just the same:

To My darling little daughter, princess of My heart.

May My Book bring you many days of happiness, which makes My joy complete!

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost...

This is quoted word from word as He has told it to me.

I have faithfully published the printed Bibles of the New Testament with this dedication in them, and now He tells me it is time to publish it in digital edition. A PDF version to place on CD discs to be given away.

I have kept His dedication to my very heart and have taken it to faith and have kept it never removing it as His instructions.

I only hope you too will become inspired by this Bible, and as blessed as I have been.

Note that nothing was ever touched or done

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