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Burning for an Assassin

217 pages2 hours


Can an assassin ever really walk away from the job?

Sabrina Cain thought she’d done just that and she’s not looking for happily-ever-after just contentment. Then she meets the beautiful curvy Veda.

Veda can’t believe a woman as gorgeous and confident as Sabrina would ever look twice at her let alone go out with her. Despite her doubts, Veda makes a move on Sabrina anyway, looking for a delicious one night-stand.

But both women get more than they bargained for when a single night sets a fire in them neither can deny. However, fighting her attraction to Veda isn’t Sabrina’s only problem. Her past has come back to haunt her, striking out at Veda.

Can Sabrina save Veda and walk out of the fire once more? Or will her past mistakes cost them both their lives?

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