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Desert Life: A Guide to the Southwest's Iconic Animals & Plants and How They Survive

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The desert is more than just a barren wasteland -- it's an ecological system booming with life. Have you ever wondered which animals call the Southwest's deserts home? Have you asked yourself how they can possibly survive? This fantastic guide to desert life, written by Karen Krebbs, holds the answers. With stunning photography, as well as fascinating and surprising information, you'll find Desert Life of the Southwest hard to put down!

Book Features:

Spotlight on more than 100 species of desert animals and plants
Special emphasis on how to spot them and how they survive in the desert
Animal species that include everything from small insects to large mammals
Engaging information about the Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave, and Sonoran deserts
"Wow" facts, diet, predators, lifespan, and more

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