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Lexington Glory Days



The setting is picturesque Lexington. A small, quiet, rural community in the upper Midwest surrounded by a lake, a quaint church, two old lakeside bars and an old lively dancehall. It is the home of Betty, Edward, their families and friends. Where everyone is trying to make things better for each other and a life for themselves. Based on a true story. Follow their lives in the 1940's, and throughout the 1960's and spend time with them at the old dancehall going to dances with Lily, a promiscuous neighbor, and Jigger, a family friend who lives in a camper alongside the dancehall. Meet Edward and Betty's parents, who are completely different from one another, their many brothers and sisters, their eccentric neighbors Roman and Edna, plus many more entertaining people and characters. Share their lives when Edward receives his draft notice for World War II, a mysterious drowning occurs, and see what happens when a group of wild gypsies ride through their small community. With their ever growing family, Edward and Betty, who's pregnant again, and with nowhere else to go, move in with Edward's parents. After a terribly long winter living with them, Edward and Betty buy an eighty-acre farm with an old two-story farm house with no running water and a barn, through the GI Bill. With both fortune and misfortune on their side, the locals tackle life's problems as they most always come along. Relying on help from their family, their neighbor's, fellow church members and, of course, their friends at the pavilion bar and dancehall. Come and visit Lexington, you'll like it here. The people are fun, kind, quirky, loving and honest.

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