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A Professor's Guide to Success in College

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College is a completely new and sometimes overwhelming experience for most incoming first-year students. As with anything in life that is new, it helps to know what to expect. If you were traveling to Europe for the first time, you would probably gather information about the area you were visiting through the Internet, guide books, or a trusted friend who has experience traveling to that area of the world.

Professor J. Anstine, using his many years of experience as a college professor, has written this book for high school students planning to attend college, current college students, and parents. The information provided will certainly help great students who want to be excellent students, good students who want to be better students, and marginal students who may be on academic probation, or even to those who have dropped out. Professor Anstine guides students and parents on what to expect in college (both inside and outside of the classroom), what to do when you encounter personal or academic pitfalls, and why you should do everything you can to complete your degree.

"A Professor’s Guide to Success in College" is a must-read to help today’s students prepare for and make the best of their college experience.

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