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More Heart to Heart: Write Hot-Selling Romance Fiction: Romance Writing, #2

122 pages1 hour


Love makes the world go round -- and it sells. I adore writing romance fiction, and now you can write romance too.

This book helps you to discover:

* The soul of romance, why focusing on emotion is vital when you write romance, and how to create emotion-filled stories readers will love;

* How to write fast, while writing well: this is a master skill for any author;

* No time to write? How to write romance in your spare time;

* How to write short stories which sell, and how to write novels too.

"More Heart To Heart" is the second book in our Romance Writing series. In this book, you'll write a romance from go to whoa, from beginnings to beta readers, and publishing.

Get started on your new career as a romance author today. 

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