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Love in All the Wrong Places

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Russ Sanderson, a recent college graduate, is hired as a counselor at Concordia High. Because of his good looks, nice physique, and boyish charm, he is a big hit with lots of the girls, who refer to him as the hunk. Soon a rapport begins to develop between him and Laurie Cotter, a junior.
By chance during the summer they meet on Cape Cod where their rapport turns into love. Moose Monahan, a jock, who has a crush on Laurie, finds out about their affair and provokes a fight with Russ. The latter emerges the victor; the latter, the loser.
Seething with anger and jealousy, Moose is hell-bent on getting revenge. At a school dance, he attacks Russ, who is a chaperone. Although once again he loses the fight, he blabs about the counselor's affair with Laurie. The next morning when both Russ and Laurie are called to the principal's office, sparks fly. For her sake, however, he hands in his resignation.

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