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Mixed Grazing: A Collection of Short Stories

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Blue Sky and Gray Smoke
As Union soldier George battles for his life against a young Confederate, he realizes they’re the only ones left alive. He's got to make new decisions – and stay alive to see them through.

The Crossing
Rick Barton plans to take his loot and his reluctant woman north to Canada and a new life. So far, he's outrun the posse. Can he outrun his own choices?

The Tracker
Young Will tracks his father's killer until he has him in his sights. Retribution, his father had preached, an eye for an eye. Now, Will would have it.

Detective Tom Mallory must stop a madman who dismembered his brother to prevent another death. But will Mallory have to sacrifice himself to do it?

The Churchyard Incident
Freddie fights to save his best friend from the evil disguised as the new kid in town.

The Camas Fairy
A mature Dale returns to his boyhood sanctuary in nature to do the unthinkable - only to meet his childhood friend - a very real fairy.

Stable Hands, Stable Hearts
Set to win his first Hi-Point trophy at the year’s final horse show, 17-year-old Scott spots the girl of his dreams. Can he win both her and the trophy?

The Decision
Jen has devoted the greater part of her life to her beloved horse, Phoenix. As age overtakes him, must she make that most final of decisions?

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