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Ghosts and Goblins and Murder

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A Séance Kind of Evening

It was almost as if someone wrapped the room in a cold hand, chill in the air triggering goosebumps on my skin. I caught motion in the corner of my eye, turned in time to see a glowing, ghostly figure float through the pocket door and come to a halt at the far end of the table. This time, rather than a static image, the young man raised both arms, eyes black pits of emptiness, mouth gaping open as he reached for Emelia.

Who screamed and reached back. “Manuel!”

I’d be nominating Sadie for an Oscar for this performance. Right after my terror at this new and utterly believable trick allowed me to breathe.

When the psychic leading the seance she's attending ends up dead, Fee can’t help but feel like her bad luck yet again put her in the wrong place at the wrong time. With Sheriff Crew Turner ordering her to stay out of it or else, her father, retired from the force or not, egging her on and a string of murders begging to be solved, she can either go home and be a good B&B owner or find out whodunit!

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