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False Diamond

Length: 314 pages5 hours


The fake diamond
in Dilys Holland’s engagement ring implies that all is not well in her
marriage, and the Holland family matriarch, Sybil, calls on Bea Abbot for help.
Bea soon discovers that Dilys and her little girl live in fear of her abusive
husband, a man called Benton with whom Bea has already clashed.

Benton wants Bea to rescue the ailing fortunes of his company, part of the
Holland empire, and has no scruples about trying violence on her too when she
turns him down. To make matters worse, Bea’s Member of Parliament son has tied
both his fortune and his marriage to Benton’s future and is desperate for Bea
to rescue him. Then Dilys tries to commit suicide . . . or does she?

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