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I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the book, "True Crime Stories: The Worlds Most Dangerous Killers: Serial Killers Evil True Crime Stories".

As a society, we are fascinated by crime. It is something that dominates our interest, given the high viewership and ratings for shows such as Law & Order and Criminal Minds. We remain highly interested not only in the way the crime is committed, and then solved, but also in the psyche of the criminal.

What possibly could have forced them to commit their crime? What was the impulse behind their actions? Was it that they had faced some abuse in the past? Were they pure evil? These are the questions the public struggles with.

In this book, we will talk about not of any crime such as tearing a parking ticket, but serious crimes that shook the fabric of society when they were discovered. They were crimes of such magnitudes that we as a society couldn’t believe someone could have descended to such depths. They went against every core belief that we hold strictly as the prerogative of humanity.

I am talking about serial killers.

Since, perhaps, the time of Jack the Ripper, the originally famous serial killer who was never found, the idea of a serial killer has dominated popular thought for a very simple reason: There have been way too many of them. A serial killer is a person who murders multiple people, who are often not related to each other by any means.

That is to say, a serial killer usually lacks any motive for their murders. Their murders are not crimes of passion, suddenly brought upon by anger, or hatred, but a result of cold and calculated planning. All their murders often carry the same modus operandi, and even some signature, as a primary reason of a serial killer to do what they do is the fame they get. Sending the police on a wild goose chase is something that serial killers enjoy.

Perhaps the most famous serial killer in literary history is Hannibal Lecter, from the Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal was not only interesting because he killed people, of course, but because of how he did it. Hannibal’s signature, the mark he left upon his victims, was the sign of cannibalism.

He used to cook and eat the body parts of his victims. If you read some of the following, real life examples of some truly depraved serial killers, it will not even be the most disturbing thing you shall find in this book. A word of caution: This book contains graphic details of extreme violence; proceed carefully.

I thank you once again for downloading this book and I hope you find it interesting.

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Chapter 1:

What is a serial killer?

I suppose it is now worthwhile to talk about what exactly classifies