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In a murky swamp on the east side of Flat Lake in South Central Louisiana hidden from the curious eyes of the local human populace is a magical place referred to by its inhabitants as Sanctuary. For 300 years woodland fairies and sylvan have guarded Sanctuary aided by magical humans called guardians. Recently the guardians have adopted the aid of werewolves who enjoy the privilege of moonlight running within the protected boundary of Sanctuary. Sanctuary itself is magical and possesses the power to keep non-magical humans out; but it cannot protect itself against the dark fey that have escaped the netherworld prisons of Faerie. The demons and other dark fey have set their sights on Sanctuary’s destruction and the loss of any humans who find themselves in the way is just considered collateral damage. The guardians and protectors find themselves in a race against time to attain their full power and protect their beloved Sanctuary from destruction. Jean Lafitte Gateaux, the most powerful guardian to enter Sanctuary in 300 years joins forces with werewolves and witches in an all out attempt to thwart the dark forces of Golva the chaos demon. Will they be in time?
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ISBN: 9781452052946
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