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Fill up - Jonathan Kent

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Fill up

Sean glanced at the car's dashboard clock: 22:49. Shit. At this rate it would be well after 1am before they got home and on a school night, that wasn't good. They were actually making pretty decent time out of Croydon. For a Sunday evening the M25 was surprisingly clear and the usual gridlock around the M3 junction was nowhere near as bad as he had expected.

They had made it to Fleet services just before 9pm, where they each devoured a KFC two piece meal. Although, as usual, Sean got to eat three pieces whilst Rosie only picked at one of hers. They had hit the road again just after 9:30pm and as promised, Rosie had snuggled down under the Hello Kitty pillow and duvet set she had brought along.

He glanced at her now. She had been fast asleep for nearly an hour despite the slow moving traffic they had hit through Winchester and then Southampton. He smiled to himself. The minute she had heard about the road trip to London