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Negotiate with Confidence

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Negotiate with Confidence
Negotiations take place just about everyday in our lives. We negotiate with family, friends, neighbours, our boss, competitors, other staff, for our work, for the purchasing of products and services. Negotiation is a vital element of daily communication in getting what we want and need in life. The better you are as a negotiator, will determine and reflect the quality of your life. The skill based program involves three sections 1: Introduction to Negotiations and Personal Assessment. 2: Three Elements of Negotiations and The Negotiation Triangle. and 3: Different Types of Negotiations, Strategies and Styles. Discover how becoming a better negotiator will help improve your life.

The Confident method of delivery employs an exclusively simple to learn and practical negotiation tool called ‘The Negotiation Triangle’. We will look at the application of negotiation skills in both the personal and business arena.

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