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Immortal Beloved

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Few poets have brought their gift for prose to such a high art form. Its true value is that his verse connects with commonly held sentiment. Thousands of people, not usually inclined towards poetry, are now firm Michael Walsh followers. He has a gift for expressing the whimsical thoughts, romantic leanings and experiences of people like you. Perhaps his greatest success is that like music, Michael’s poetry crosses frontiers and brings peoples together. His poetry is the language of the human soul, its yearning for peace, love, hope, charity and romance. Over the decades, tributes to his gifts as a poet poured in from every class, rich and poor, regardless of ethnicity. “You articulate my sentiments perfectly,” is an expression he hears often. You, or those you gift your Michael Walsh book to, will cherish Michael’s verse forever. He will be your constant bedside or fireside companion.

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