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Seasonal Poems for Children - John Nandy

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Seasonal Poems For


Poems for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other fun times of the year.

John Nandy

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The Snowbow

10 Christmas Penguins

A Collie For Christmas

A Monster Ate My Snowman

The Little Robin Red Breast

The Doll’s Christmas

Guess Who

The Snow Ball

Two Little Snowflakes

Reindeer Rhyme

Young Father Christmas

Caribou Rhyme

My Snowman is in love with the Snow girl next door

Goose On The Loose

Jack Frost

The Magic Snowflake (Carol)

Snow Fairies

Once There Was A Little Mouse (Christmas Rhyme)

Drawing a Robin

One More Thing

The Cradle Sled

The Christmas Circus

The Little Christmas Pudding

Christmas Rhymes

The Fairy Skater

Where do Snowmen go?

The Snow Bubble

The Scarecrow and The Snowman

One Christmas

The Snowman Who Wouldn’t Melt

The Boy Who Had Everything

Hurry, said the little hand

The Baby of The Bells

Where do you go, old father time?

New Year Elves

Who is that knocking at the door?

The Joys of January


February Snowflakes

Helmikuu – Month of the Pearl (The Finnish name for February)

The Easter Bunny


Blackbird Song

The Spring Chick

Spring Rhyme

Gabriel Blackbird

Spring Free

Springs like…

The Story Of How Humpty Dumpty Was Saved

The Magic Easter Egg

The Rabbicken

The Easter Egg-stravaganza

About The Easter Bunny

Easter Memory

The Fastest Rabbit in The World


Esther, the Eager Easter Egg Eater (A Cautionary Tale)

The Chocolate Chicklet

The Fiendish Plot of The Egg Stealing Fox

Come and Buy

A Dream