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Messenger of Christ

Length: 93 pages1 hour


An insider plot is hatched leading Congress to vote on the impeachment of the president of the United States, George Fitzgerald. Both good fortune, and unspeakable tragedy befall professor Samuel Does, his wife, and their two dynamic children. Through a two-centuries-old letter we learn of the Doe families slave-owning past, one man’s journey from bigotry to redemption, and a miracle that is predicted to occur at the conclusion of a trial. In a Southern courthouse, a crowd has gathered to witness a miracle, believing a murder trial that is underway there is the trial written of in a letter from centuries past. Ethan Black, a successful new York city lawyer volunteers as the accused defense attorney, based on unique knowledge that he alone possesses. What further revaluation will this mysterious letter bring? Will justice be served, or will the accused get away with murder? Will the presidency of the United States be usurped? Will the entire world witness a miracle as predicted in the letter?

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