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Filipino Food Made Easy - Gary Herbert

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Filipino Food Made Easy

Filipino recipes, from our family to yours.

A selection of our favourite recipes from the islands of the Philippines.

Mabuhay! Let’s Eat.

Welcome to Filipino food made easy. In this book we will introduce you to some of our best-loved family dishes. From simple breakfast items such as Champorado and Congee to layered stews like Menudo and Dinuguan. These are just scratching the surface but hopefully these dishes will give you a taste of this underrated cuisine.

The food of the Philippines, the archipelago of 7,106 islands between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, doesn't quite resemble, in cooking methods or ingredients anything else in Southeast Asia. Filipino food is a delicious mix of Chinese, Spanish and local flavours with a little US G.I thrown in for good measure.

Ever since Ferdinand Magellan, discovered the islands in 1521, Spanish ingredients made their way into the everyday cuisine, the 16th century also saw the first major wave of immigrants from the Chinese coastal provinces of Fujian and Canton, who brought their own specialties across the South China Sea. And then there is the American influence, which has given the islands a love of ingredients and dishes like the hot dog and spam to fried chicken and spaghetti.

Filipinos have insatiable appetites and can eat five times a day simply snacking on small bites as they go about their day. Their love of food is legendary even in Asia and is one of their most endearing qualities.

Filipino Food Made Easy

Breakfast  - Almusal

Lunch - Tanghalian

Dinner - Hapunan

Dessert - Panghimagas

Breakfast  - Almusal

Nanay Edna’s Champorado

This is a little labour of love, as it requires you stand over the saucepan stirring