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'Legacy' is the sequel to 'Catalyst' and follows Sandy as she attempts to get on with her life after the traumatic events over the previous year. She desperately wants to become reconciled with her mother and her need to discover why she behaved so cruelly to Paul, the man afflicted with Down syndrome, is paramount in her thoughts. However, on discovering her mother's reasons for this, their relationship takes another downward turn. Sandy thinks she has found happiness with Oliver, but their past actions catch up with them and the story takes a turn into a whole new theme including blackmail, abduction, corruption and involvement in the Cold War. Once again Sandy's loyalties are tried to breaking point as she becomes unwillingly involved with a man whose cruel scheming mind threatens to destroy what happiness she has found. Sandy is put in an impossible position and is forced yet again to choose which path to take. Does she take the right one?

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