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The Last Coon Hunter: Book I of the Ryland Creek Saga

Length: 334 pages4 hours


It was a simpler time as widower Jacob Ernst struggles to raise his two young sons, Nathan and Mead, on their modest farm. They’ve grown up listening to the nighttime songs of hounds in the pursuit of the wily ringtail. Chasing raccoon through darkened hills, Jacob teaches his sons the legends of their hometown and a deep respect for all woodland creatures. Hunting and the lessons taught keep the Ernst family together. And the brothers bond with their dogs—loyal to one another until the end. For this is Painted Post—a storied place where the lessons of life, love, and death play out beneath its mighty oaks. But worlds collide. Evil follows the Ernst family and their hounds into these mystical hills. The scourge of the illegal drug trade, coupled with the treachery of one of their own, leads to an inevitable showdown. Some will learn that not all of Painted Post’s vivid tales are pure legend, and this rugged woodland will wield its own brutal justice. For in the darkest hollows, solid bonds are forged.

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