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Taken Awoke Reborn - Samantha Prescott

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One by one, each of the members strolls through the heavy wooden doors decorated with the intricate filigree emblem of the Nemurire. Their deep red eyes seem to steal what little remaining strength and connection I have left in my human world. Their hostile, steel cold gaze sends chills down my spine and weakens my knees. With tears starting to sting at my eyes, I redirect my gaze downward. Never let them see your fear, echoes through my mind. These words were spoken to me only hours before by my immortal lover. Looking back, I have to wonder if he knew what was ahead of me this night, as I am held captive by one of the most vicious vampire orders in the last one thousand years, the Nemurire Council.

Although the room started out a bit brisk, but certainly tolerable, each added member of The Council’s body brings a few degrees temperature drop into the room with their frigid, pale, white skin. Each is dressed in black and bares The Council’s signature ring made of platinum with a raised, black diamond in the center. The inside of each ring has the inscription of Nemurire, the Romanian word for immortal.

Held captive not only by the order, but by the intense fear that has permeated through my entire being, I stand here motionless, fighting frantically to hold onto the tears that are desperately attempting to spill over my lower lid.

I try to focus on my surroundings. I shift my thoughts to the sound of the faint footsteps that are quickly approaching. My eyes lock straight onto Xavier’s as he’s coming through the enormous entryway. The moment he passes through, Deacon and Savant painstakingly push the giant doors closed behind him. As the two meet, forming a seal, a weighted thud seems to pressurize the already thick air.

The ten awaiting Council members stand at attention as he enters the room. Until now I didn’t notice that only two chairs remain vacant. Of the two unoccupied chairs, one is for Queen Azurah, the Head Mistress and council’s leader; the other for Xavier, the counsel’s Head Master.

When Xavier walks past, the speed of his gait causes the numerous candles that are dispersed throughout the room to flicker uncontrollably, creating momentary shadows of blackness to dance on the walls, floor and contents of the room. Just as my eyes are beginning to readjust after a brief second of darkness, my heart falls as Xavier’s amber eyes turn blood red and the centuries old vampire that he truly is completely takes over. All glimpses of even the slightest shred of humanity or soul are gone instantly. Be seated, rolls from between his lightly tainted lips.

He takes his seat opposite the end of the one remaining high backed chair and nods at each member in acknowledgement, as there seems to be no need for words. Their body language speaks volumes. Xavier is the Queen’s right hand, thus the second in command. Regardless of The Council votes, Azurah makes the final decisions. From what Xavier has told me, the only vote she ever takes into consideration is his, as she was his sire well over nine hundred years ago.

He is beautiful, isn’t he? Azurah whispers into my right ear from behind me. I hadn’t heard her sneak up. I was still transfixed on the exchange taking place at the head table. Just her being this close to me sends instant fear throughout me. My entire body shudders as she runs her cool, icy hands up the length of both of my arms to the top of my shoulders where she rests them. I gulp hard to swallow. I can only nod slightly; I feel paralyzed. Her soft, platinum blonde, satiny hair gently sweeps across my upper shoulder as she places a small, light kiss on my neck. Her directness causes me to stiffen. She pauses briefly at my carotid artery, and gently presses one of her pin sharp fangs against my exposed skin.

She’s all but on top of me, taking in my scent. She whispers in a tone that is almost inaudible, as she slowly starts to back way, How does he bare your sweetness without tearing open your throat? I can’t deny he has restraint. I on the other hand…. Her words trail off as she deliberately allows her hand to graze against my breast on her way to her awaiting seat.

Restraining myself from spitting in her face, I look up, only to find the entire Council grinning at the Queen’s game of cat and mouse. Still chuckling to herself, she takes her place at the head of the table. Once seated across from Xavier she slowly turns to look my way. I’m trying to avoid eye contact, but I’m mesmerized by the pearly white fangs that peek through her semi parted lips. Still looking in my direction, she slowly runs her tongue over them. The flickering light from the candle dances in the liquid pools of blood that rapidly replace her emerald green eyes.

Let’s get down to business, my Queen, Xavier states in a bold, strong voice, attempting to draw the obvious attention that was being bestowed on me, back to the evening’s agenda.

Very well, the fun and games will begin soon enough, she states, as she turns her full-bodied attention to The Council sitting before her.

It’s a pleasure to see you once again my fellow members. Tonight, is a special night, and I am sure that all of you are just as hungry as I. As the elders nod their heads in agreement, she raises her hands to the heavens and exclaims in a chilling voice, Tonight we feed!

The room is instantly permeated with hisses and eager excitement at the sheer thought of fresh human blood. Liquid eyes and white fangs are a consistent theme amongst those around the boardroom style table. Their full attention is focused on their leader.

We must commence with our business at hand before we indulge ourselves, my friends. Princess Zenia’s newborns are wreaking havoc within the boundaries of our territory. This sort of careless behavior will have people asking questions and placing our order in danger of being exposed, she says addressing the entire group by providing eye contact with each member.

She rises from her chair and slowly walks around the group of devoted followers that have sworn to protect and uphold not only the laws of their elders, but the laws that govern those of their own kind. Her tone is strong, pointed and direct as she speaks. I know that I do not have to tell you the consequences of exposure, let alone the pure defiance of the Vamporia laws. Their spontaneous actions and disregard for the commandments that are enforced on all orders and Councils put all our kind in grave danger and our very lives at risk. This has been our territory for centuries and I will not allow this to continue. A decision must be made tonight, she states with such sharpness that even the air within the room seems to still at her command.

Transfixed and in awe of bearing witness to a sacred meeting of the elders, it hits me that there is no way a mere human would be permitted to witness their divine call to order and leave alive. My adrenaline kicks in and my intellect screams for me to run, I know there’s nowhere to go and no one to help me. My mind continuously focuses on a possible route for escape as the meeting continues, but in a Romanian dialect. Although Xavier has taught me their language my mind is spinning so fast I can’t decipher the words.

The sliding of the Queen’s chair against the hardwood floor draws my attention back to the meeting still in session. She pushes her chair back from the table, stands and says with a half growl, Sa lasam omului in el, este timpul sa manance, and the monstrous doors once again open. What appears to be a hundred or more people are shoved and pushed into the enormous room that has just become a human slaughterhouse.

The first scream comes from across the room as Malcolm lunges directly at a young blonde who can’t be more than 18. She doesn’t stand a chance as his long, saber-sharp fangs slice into her jugular as if it is nothing more than a piece of thin silk. As his fangs penetrate deeper into the vein that contains her sweet nectar, her body is racked by one spasm after another.

Her cries of fear and anguish fade rapidly; she is his first kill in this week’s feeding frenzy. Once there was nothing more to pull from her veins he tosses her limp body onto the floor like she is nothing more than a rag doll. His next victim is whoever happens to be in his path. A well-dressed business man, driven quickly into insanity by the living hell that has erupted around him, is darting frantically around the room until he runs straight into the open arms of Malcolm.

The two-crash chest to chest. The look on the man’s face is that of absolute terror. He knows immediately that his life is about to come to a brutal end as his captor quickly jerks his head to the side, causing vertebrae to snap from the intensity of the pressure being inflicted on them. Malcolm pulls the man’s life force from his weakening body. Fresh blood rolls down the length of Malcolm’s chin and spills wastefully on his black robe.

The twelve council members gorge themselves on those driven deep into the depths of psychological madness. The frenzy finally starts to dwindle down. The body count on the floor surpasses those still alive. Those that escaped an early death, if only for the time being, are now huddled together, attempting to draw from one another’s strength. I can only perceive the realization that has hit them: the only way out is through their deaths.

Before I know what is happening, my mouth is covered by an icy hand. Not being able to scream or see who is behind me, I close my eyes for a split second to rely on my senses. It’s Xavier’s mesmerizing scent that calms my frantic display of kicks and body twists, in my attempt to be released.

He eases his grip on me and whispers in my ear. Hold still Selene! I have to get you out of here; Azurah is saving you for herself. Do not say a word and hold onto me tight.

Before I could get a firm grip, we are moving at lightning speed over the strewn bodies and just about to exit through the imprisoning doors, when Xavier and I are shoved to the ground by the Queen’s outreached hand.

How dare you defy me Xavier, she yells in outrage.

Leave her Azurah. She is not your possession. She belongs to me. She is not going to be another toy for you, to hurt me again. I will never belong to you again. It’s over.

Her strength is well over a thousand years old and no one in the room, including Xavier, has the force to defeat her. Even with his undetectable speed he can’t avoid the chest crushing blow that she delivers to his sternum. Her hand makes contact with his body and the force of her rage lifts him from the floor and sends him flying across the room, landing and crashing through the large, grand table that has served as the centerpiece for The Council’s meetings for the last one thousand years. Without a fraction of hesitation, and instinctively, Xavier is back on his feet and rushing across the room toward the two of us.

Instantaneously my world turns pitch black, as I realize Azurah is on top of me, fangs plunged deep into my vein, pulling my life from within. I lay here on the cold, hard, floor while stillness and blackness envelop me. My head starts to spin and pain consumes me. Is this death?

The answer comes to me like acid being injected into my veins, stinging and burning with an intensity unlike any suffering I have ever known. While crippling toxins from her poisonous bite travel through my body and hit my heart and brain, human death beckons the release of my soul. Full blackness engulfs me.

Pain rips through every vein in my body as the Queen’s centuries old blood rushes through my constricted vessels. I try to control the jerking spasms coursing through every millimeter of my being. I realize the rebirthing process has begun its course and only when it has been completed will I be free, never to feel human pain again.

Trapped between the light of true mortal death and the darkness of what I am to become, my throat begins to burn. Only the deepest pits of hell could know such fire. The inferno continues to blaze within me and a cavernous growl develops from within and tears free past my lips, causing the entire room to echo the evil back repeatedly.

The last of my maker’s venom completes its cycle through my vascular system. The transformation into my new life of damnation is finally coming to an end. I am beginning to feel only the slightest discomfort as my newly transformed blood begins to circulate rapidly and freely through my regenerated body. Although I cannot see, and all surrounding sounds are not fully audible, my sense of scent has heightened tenfold. I can smell the stale blood that has since dried on the bodies of those drained and massacred just a short time ago.

The floor beneath me no longer feels as cold and hard as it had when I first fell upon it after my immortal attacker released me from her immobilizing grip. The thought of the recent assault sends a shudder down my spine like nails scratching on a chalkboard, as my mind replays the scene once again.

There, there my child. the Queen whispers close to my ear in a soft, almost motherly voice, as she lowers herself to the floor next to me. Inching as close as possible, she gently lifts my head and places it into the cradle of her lap and with an unexpected passion; she places her hand on my hair and strokes the side of my face tenderly. Welcome to the family, Selene. Your transformation is almost complete.

The Queen snaps her head up and barks, in an icy cold tone, Go fetch the young virgin girl, Savant, and bring her to Selene.

With the sound of Savant’s heavy footsteps drifting away, the Queen’s attention is again turned back to me. Her icy hand gently slides down over my face and hair once more. The scent of jasmine drifting on the air surrounds me with her every move. Jasmine is Azurah’s scent. It permeated the room only hours before when she entered, and as she holds me close, the scent infuses itself into every pore of my body, mesmerizing me with her sheer presence.

She continues to protect and mother me. All traces of pain gradually diminish, except for the lingering inferno deep within the tissue lining of my throat.

I am now able to detect that what I thought were little changes are still occurring and are much, much more than subtle transformations. I open my eyes for the first time to scan the room and the colors are almost three dimensional. They are so vibrant they almost appear to take on a life of their own.

The blood curdling scream echoing off the walls of the mansion is a true indicator that my auditory system has finally returned. Every sound seems to come from several different directions.

It’s time, Selene, the Queen states, assisting me to a standing position for the first time since my rebirth commenced. I gain my footing and stand independently on my own two feet. Savant charges through the double doors dragging a young girl who can’t be more than fifteen. Although she is putting all her strength into attempting to pull free from her captor’s grip, it is utterly useless. His strength is more than a hundred times her own. She is nothing more than a mouse caught between a cat’s upper and lower jaw bones. Helpless and defenseless.

She is tossed at my feet like nothing more than a slab of beef. She slowly lifts her head in terror. Please, don’t hurt me, she pleads, with tears of fear raining gently down her angelic cheeks. Please, she speaks one last time as I lean down and look into her ocean blue eyes and extend my hand to her. Stand up my child, roars from deep within my throat in a voice with such directness that I can’t even recognize as my own.

The girl with the face of an angel obeys my command, whether out of fear or the realization that nothing can save her. I can hear her heart beating within her chest and see the sweet nectar of her life force coursing fluidly under the surface of her honey colored flesh. Closing my eyes and taking in a deep breath allows me to smell her innocence and purity while the blood pumps frantically through the chambers of her human heart. Even with my eyes closed I can sense her increasingly growing fear. Her heart races, causing a deeper swooshing sound as it pumps faster and faster throughout her circulatory system.

I open my eyes. Each thud of her heartbeat brings an even greater burn into my throat. I stand transfixed on the pulse that is clearly visible a few inches below the surface of her smooth, lightly tainted, golden skin.

The thirst sets in, as changes continue to take place in my body. My needle-sharp fangs slowly lower and slide into place. I feel energized, strong and fearless.

The young defenseless girl continues to stand before me, shaking and silently crying. The newfound beast within me takes total control of my body and mind. Before I realize what is happening, and with a savage hunger, I have the girl in my arms and without hesitation I slice through her delicate skin. I break through the first layer of her flesh. Two screams are unleashed into the stillness of the room, startling me. One I recognize is hers, but it quickly dissipates due to rapid blood loss. The hunger within me is unrestrained and without regard for life or consequential circumstances. I clutch her body and sink my venomous fangs deeper. The thudding of her once beating heart is quickly silenced, as the need to feed my newborn hunger has been quickly satiated.

The sound of Xavier’s anguished scream breaks the