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Book Your Brand: How to Easily Grow Your Business By Publishing a Book. Without Writing Anything.

Length: 134 pages1 hour


The essentials of marketing have changed, and if you’re selling a product or service, you need to keep up. Anybody can publish book, and doing so will enable you to advance in your industry and separate you from the competition. A book is the best investment you can make for your brand and business, as it is the most underutilized marketing tool in the world. Now is the time for you to become a published author. This book shows you how. The best part: you can do it without writing anything.

In this book, I give you:

1) An overview of why you need a book. It’s not about making money from selling books; it’s about using a book as a marketing tool to grow your business and your brand.
2) The exact step-by-step process for writing your book without actually writing the book. The process is based on dictation and transcription (speak the book, record it, transcribe it, and get someone else to write it). We show you exactly how to go from an idea to a published author without writing anything.
3) Everything else you need to know about being an author, from how to run a successful book launch to how to use press releases and books to get important publicity for your business or brand.

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