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It’s leaving day. Linda sleeps late. Her roommates have left for work. Linda doesn’t have a job anymore. She gets up and goes through the usual morning routine, taking her time.
Linda then uses the washer dryer, one last time, does a bit of ironing and then packs her suitcases.
Linda then lugs the suitcases over to the front door. She goes back into the kitchen and finds a note, taped to the refrigerator.
“Linda, you owe last month’s rent, plus the utilities. Pay up or out you go. Leave the food in the refrigerator alone, it’s not yours. Clemmie.”
Linda laughs and opens the refrigerator. She makes herself a big breakfast, off of her roommate’s food. It may be a long time until her next meal. She eats, taking her time. She leaves the dirty dishes in the sink. Linda then goes back and uses the plumbing. She then walks back to the front door. Linda then flips the bird to the empty apartment, turns, grabs her luggage and walks out, for the last time.
Since Linda is almost flat broke, she carries her luggage, down to the Scientific Concepts office building. She walks up to the Receptionist and asks to speak to Jason, “Tell him that it’s Linda.”
Jason comes out, into the lobby. He asks, “What brings you here, Linda?”
(I pose for Jason, I flash my eyes at him.) “Jason, this is really embarrassing, I sold my car and I need to beg for a ride down to General Products.” (I was way behind on payments and they repossessed the car, but Jason doesn’t need to know that.)
Jason laughs, “A ride over to General Products, to meet Billy.”
“I feel like a total fool, but I have to follow my heart. Billy’s in a meeting.”
(I have dealt with Linda, for some time. When I have to deal with Linda, I have my bullshit filter set on high. Alright, Linda doesn’t want to take the bus, what with suitcases and all. A taxi is a bit expensive but not all that expensive. She should be able to get a ride to General Products. Obviously she can’t. Something is wrong. I read that Linda is in a financial crisis. Interesting.) “Sure, I can give you a ride over to General Products.” I tell the Receptionist, “Back in 15 minutes.” I then grab Linda’s suitcases and lead her out to my car.
Linda says, “I really appreciate the help.”
I lecture, “A girl, who looks like you, comes to Scientific Concepts. The Receptionist sees you, a few more ladies see you. The rumor mill starts up. ‘Jason got a hottie.’ If I need a date, I must be a worthwhile date, because Jason got a hottie. I help you, indirectly, you help me.”
Linda asks me, “You don’t mind that I’m going with Billy?”
I sigh, “I mind that you’re going with a piece of crap, like Billy. However, you have to follow your heart.”
Linda says, “Jason, I dated you and I liked you. Then I met Billy. Billy was handsomer than you, taller than you and better dressed than you.”
I lecture the girl, “I buy my slacks and my shirts custom fitted and of the very best material. My clothes aren’t as flashy as what Billy wears, but Billy better dressed, no. I work very hard to keep up with the latest ideas in my field. Billy doesn’t do what he needs to do to support his customers. A couple of my customers won’t buy from Billy, even General Products, because of that.”
Linda says, “Well, Billy has a new job, in another city and I’m going with him.”
I again lecture the girl, “From what some of my customers say, it isn’t so much a matter of Billy leaving General Products, as it is General Products leaving Billy. Something that you might keep in mind.”
Linda smirks, “Jason, are you trying to scare me?”

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