Blunt Force Kharma: Section 5: Blunt Force Kharma, #5

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Blunt Force Kharma: Section 5: Blunt Force Kharma, #5

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 163 pages2 hours


In the crumbling Central District, private investigator Kelly Kharma can't afford a cup of coffee. Watching burning buildings out her window highlights her days until Pinback Boiler walks into her office.


Breaking a custody agreement, Boiler's wife kidnapped their daughter Gwendolyn. He needs Kharma to find her and bring her back.


Kharma follows Gwendolyn's trail into the industrial South District where underground abortionists and criminals mix with the alien working class. Where everyone has a secret. Even Boiler and Gwendolyn.


A sci-fi noir that wades in violence and mystery for the sake of saving an enigmatic little girl.

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