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Life brings setbacks and tragedies to us all, but the suffering does not define us. Our choices do. We are who we choose to become in the aftermath.
Traumatized and orphaned by the Nagasaki blast, Omoto Diaki was left only with his childhood friend, Ryuuji, the boy he loved. When Ryuuji brought him to a new world filled with fresh challenges, Ryuuji met them all with love even when Omoto struggled. But violence shattered this bond as well, leaving Omoto truly alone.

Who will Omoto choose to be? What path will he take?

His story, Legacy, is one of several tales in this volume that introduce new and unforgettable characters, while others offer new glimpses into the personal histories of characters familiar to readers of Stephanie Barr's novels. All focus on those who refused to bow their heads to fate and instead forged their own futures.

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