Young Harlots of Paris

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Young Harlots of Paris

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Prostitution in mid-18th century Paris is graphically depicted in this explicit novel. Based on the life of French writer Restif de la Bretonne, the novel describes his amorous adventures as a journeyman printer in Paris before he achieved fame as a popular author.
After completing his apprenticeship as a printer in Auxerre, Restif traveled to Paris in late 1755 in order to seek work in his chosen profession.
Not long after his arrival in Paris, Restif succumbed to the licentious temptations of that city, plunging into a life of debauchery. He frequented the streets and alleys where prostitutes plied their trade, and was a regular patron of the city’s many brothels.
One of Restif's favorite haunts of pleasure was Madame La Mace's brothel and he enjoyed many happy hours in the arms of the girls who worked there.
Length of story is over 25,000 words.

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